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15 Tools That the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Use

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At Expert Circle we are all about cultivating the top products & vendors for entrepreneurs and small business owners to use. We put together 15 of our favorites in the infographic below. We highlighted 5 of the major categories that a business owner typically needs to focus on: Marketing, Technology, Sales, Accounting & Finance, and Legal. Our Experts in these 5 categories each hand-selected three of their favorite online services that helped them succeed as entrepreneurs.

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Here are the Expert Circle links to the 15 featured tools & services:

Mailchimp – Email marketing made simple with an easy-to-use collection of newsletter templates, as well as the ability to customize your own design.

Spyfu – A keyword tool for comparing the SEM tactics of your competitors, so that you can meet equal success in your online advertising and SEO campaigns.

Hubspot – This all-in-one inbound marketing software facilitates SEO blogging tips, lead nurturing, marketing automation and more.

Jira – A simple and clean bug tracking and reporting system that helps you prioritize and assign issues and work through them quickly.

UserTesting – Get in-depth and immediate feedback on your website experience from real users, including a video of their experience as well as written answers to your questions.

Mixpanel – A premiere analytics service for mobile and the web, focused on measuring very specific user actions and activity.

Leads360 – A sales management solution specifically tailored to turn leads into conversion, and track your performance so you can easily improve your sales.

Highrise – Organize notes, tasks and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers, leads, partners and contacts.

Bidsketch – Create professional and clean client proposals in just minutes, and get a certified client signature when they approve.

Expensify – Get a handle on all of your business expenses and invoices so you can concentrate on more important things.

Wave Accounting – Quickly manage payroll and manage your business receipts for free.

FreshBooks – If you need online invoicing, time tracking and expense services, this program is easy to navigate, even for the most novice business owners.

Trademarkia – Search over 6 million registered logos, names and slogans to make sure your name or idea isn’t taken.

Legalzoom – A cost friendly alternative to hiring a lawyer. Find all of the legal documents, advice, and resources you need.

DocuSign – The most prominent service for eSignatures that is both legal and secure.

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